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An Update on my Vocabulary


I have started putting two phrases into my regular rotation.

1) If something is a ‘unjust’ I refer to it as a “Scam Newton”.


2) if I don’t need something proposed, I will say “I need _______ as much as I need a chimp to rip my face off”.

That is all.  Thank you.


Overall, Engadget is very “meh” about the latest, greatest Android device. As for its “killer” feature, Amar Toor writes:

The question, however, is whether the medium is stunning enough to warrant a purchase, which brings us to the Optimus 3D’s most cilantro-like quality: the glasses-less 3D experience. It’s not for everyone. To be fair, it’s definitely cool (in the “let me whip out my phone at a bar and make conversation” sort of way), and the novelty can be genuinely intriguing… for about five minutes. After that, spectators may either get bored with it, or end up feeling like their eyes were just juggled through a meat grinder (our experience skewed heavily toward the latter).

Sounds great. Just the feeling I want from my most-used device. 

Perhaps even worse, the device ships with Froyo. Gingerbread has been out for almost 8 months now. It’s pathetic that OEMs can’t ship brand-new devices with it yet. 


Too Much Passion Is Fatal / Rephrasing Danielle LaPorte / Dear Amy 2
Get on a tee (available until 3rd of Aug)
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Too Much Passion Is Fatal / Rephrasing Danielle LaPorte / Dear Amy 2

Get on a tee (available until 3rd of Aug)

more: store | blog | make your own wordboner store | twitter | facebook | coupons


Hey Vimeans! It’s time to bounce. And no, I don’t mean the slang term for exiting a location or situation. I mean the tool used by professionals to attain beautiful lighting! A bounce is used to literally bounce or reflect, light onto your subject. It’s handy for evening out harsh shadows and dispersing light so it doesn’t appear to be coming from a single source. There are two types of situations where bounces are especially useful: when shooting outside in the harsh sun, and indoors with artificial light.

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Monica Lewinsky Spotted with Barack Obama?


Pretty much the most well-received scholarly trailer we’ve ever produced:

“It came over me like a fever.” — Tony Danza

“Even better than the season finale of Dear John.Judd Hirsch

“Everything I could have imagined 2011 as and more, circa that hallucinogenic spin in my DeLorean.” — Christopher Lloyd

“Cheers!” (lifts Limoncello) — Danny DeVito


Absolutely hilarious video describing how gameplay may become ubiquitous in the near future. Unimaginable potential for Digital disciplines (ranging from Digital Marketing, PR to Media) and E-Commerce. (via Pieter-Paul Walraven)

Utopias, Vol I: Alastair Campbell


By Alastair Campbell.

“Just because something is unreachable should not deter us from striving for it. So here’s the vision…”

The Utopian inaugurates a series of utopias, written by today’s most interesting philosophers, social scientists, politicians and writers. First up: Alastair Campbell.


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An Interview with The Awkward Silence..



The Awkward Silence are a comedy sketch duo made up of one part Ralph Jones and one part Vyvyan Almond. When interviewing a comedy sketch duo called The Awkward Silence, the last two thirds of their name don’t exactly promise a great interview. Fortunately that proved to be untrue, as you can read below, where we discuss matters such as their origin as a group, their comedy influences, their first gig…. with hardly any awkward silence at all!

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Steve and Wynn caught up with Wayne Seguin to talk about his Ruby enVironment Manager and BDSM shell scripting framework projects.

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